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Goodreads & Amazon Reviewers Rave About These 5 Books

“I bought this book for my 12 year old son, who despite my best efforts, is a very reluctant reader. However, this book worked its magic and for once my son read without me having to prompt him. When it came to finishing the book, he couldn’t put it down and crept downs stairs a couple of hours after bed time, proudly announcing he had finished the lot!”
— Victoria

“An excellent adventure story for middle grade readers. Succinct chapters and an accessible design keep readers engaged in the narrative while history and cultural information are easily absorbed through the cleverly executed delivery.”
— Riverdancer

“My 8 years old son read it in 2 days. He couldn’t stop reading. It is a captivating read and it was also funny, according to him. It’s a very honest story.”
— Mohamed

“It does a good job of building a kind of decaying atmosphere…it’s not talking down to a perceived younger audience.”
— Hal

“It’s a perfect read for 11-13 year old girls or boys and parents too will find much to enjoy. The action packed second half is especially good and has moments of “laugh out loud” humour as well as some genuinely touching momentswhere themes of family, friendships, trust and responsibility are beautifully resolved.”
— Catherine Strange

“I absolutely recommend it to anyone who enjoys MG horror short stories! I see collections frequently compared to the ever-coveted status of Scary Stories, but they rarely live up to the parallel for me; however, Hide and Don’t Seek absolutely gave me ALL the Scary Stories vibes.”
— Destiny

“Must buy for all elementary and middle school libraries! I predict this will fly off my biography shelf.”
— Laura Gardner

“Often, books are billed as such but are too mild for young horror fans. In fact, I would argue that many of my 8th grade students will be just as freaked out by these stories as my 6th graders will be.”
— Michelle Glatt

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