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Check out our case study on how to leverage ChatGPT to enhance and improve student writing. Get our ChatGPT in the Classroom Unit with 11 different activities and 64 pages of highly-engaging lesson plans.

Lessons include using ChatGPT for generating ideas, crafting outlines, conducting research, creating titles, organizing bibliographies and more.

Throughout this unit the goal is to help students understand that ChatGPT is only a tool, with inherent strengths and weaknesses, and to push students to reflect thoughtfully on ever stage of the writing process.

Poetry for MS

Teaching Poetry for Middle School provides a highly-engaging introduction to poetic forms, how they work, and how students can learn to craft their own poems.

You get 60 pages of fun and entertaining lessons and worksheets covering limericks, haikus, quatrains, cinquains, acrostics and more.

Teach students the intricacies of rhyme scheme and meter, how to mine personal experiences for poems, and how to work through multiple drafts of writing.

Click the link below to get our free PDF of 77 Poems for Middle School. On the same page, you can check out our lesson plans.

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