Does Your Kid Hate Reading?

Are You Tired of Fighting About Books?

Are you exhausted by their excuses and whining? Stressed out by poor reading grades? Worried about how well they’ll do in school…and in life?

It’s not your fault.

Most kids either dislike reading or hate it outright. Ask any English teacher. The truth is books are generally written for kids who already love to read. Not for kids who don’t like reading in the first place.

But what if there were books that reluctant readers actually enjoyed? Books that kept them turning pages instead of throwing a fit?

Books that were written specifically for them?

Now there are.

Books for Kids Who Hate to Read

When we launched Reluctant Reader Books, we focused on one question: why do kids put books down?

Kids Stop Reading When:

  • Books look too long
  • Paragraphs go on forever
  • Too much detail & not enough action
  • Chapters never end
  • Stories slow down & get boring
  • They teach lessons instead of tell stories

Our goal was simple. Leave out the stuff kids don’t like, and focus entirely on the stuff that will keep them reading.

Kids Keep Reading When:

  • Books look doable instead of overwhelming
  • Paragraphs & sentences are short
  • Action keeps the story moving
  • Short chapters provide lots of breaks
  • Stories are exciting with lots of twists
  • They tell great stories

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What Reluctant Readers Are Saying

Mom was super excited. Duke hardly ever reads and she couldn’t believe he had finally found a book he couldn’t/wouldn’t put down — Mrs. B, 6th Grade English Teacher

I already have recommended it to my friends and my friends and I NEVER talk about books — Hailey

I think this is one of my favorite books — Luke

Every single story in this series has some sort of awesome twist that makes you want more of the book — Maleigha

I wouldn’t change anything. It was awesome. Everyone should read it — Duke

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What is a Reluctant Reader?

Reading is the doorway to success.

Books are keys.

Don’t get locked out because you’re using the wrong key.

Reluctant Reader Books