82 Ways to Get Free Books for Kids

Yep, Really

Discover where and how you can get free books for kids both by mail and online: free book programs, giveaways, contests, publishers and review sites that will send you free books, plus much more.

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82 Ways to Get Free Books for Kids


The Ultimate Guide to Reluctant Readers

Our simple, straightforward guide to understanding, reaching and motivating kids who don’t like to read.

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82 Ways to Get Free Books for Kids

  • Programs That Will Send You Books for Free
  • Free Book Exchanges
  • Free Book Giveaways
  • Contests With Free Books
  • Publishers That Will Send You Free Advanced Readers Copies
  • Book Review Sites That Will Send You Free Books
  • Where to Get Free Magazines, Coloring Books & Comics
  • Bookseller Conferences Where You Can Get Free Books
  • Websites Offering Free eBooks
  • Charities That Will Send You Free Books By Mail
  • And Other Nifty Ideas

Plus Our Guide to Reluctant Readers

  • What is a Reluctant Reader?
    • Reluctant Readers vs Struggling Readers
    • 3 Types of Struggling Readers
    • Mistakes to Avoid With Struggling Readers
    • Readers With Disabilities
  • Does Reading Really Matter?
    • Top 5 Benefits of Reading Books
    • Dangers of Illiteracy
  • How to Motivate a Reluctant Reader
    • Reading at Home
    • Let Them Choose Their Own Books
    • What to Do When You Hate The Books They Choose
    • What to Do When the Book They Choose Isn’t a Part of AR
    • What to Do When All They Want to Read is Comics
    • What to Do When They Still Can’t Find Anything to Read
  • Finding Great Books for Reluctant Readers
    • What to Look for in a Book: Our Philosophy
    • Books That Match Our Philosophy
    • Alternatives to Traditional Books
    • How to Find More Books Like the One They Like
  • More Resources
    • People Whose Recommendations We Trust
    • Book Recommendation Websites
    • Book Lists
    • Paid Subscription Boxes & Book Clubs

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