17 Absolutely Gosh-Wow Writing Lessons for Middle School

Below you’ll find a breakdown of our 17 killer writing lessons for middle school, which you can get here.

No doubt you’ll want to check out the lessons first. Click the thumbnail below to preview these amazing middle school writing lessons.

17 Absolutely Gosh-Wow Writing Lessons for Middle School

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Middle School Writing Lessons

So what’s in our lesson plans? Check it out:

1: Who’s the Goat: Debating the Greatest of All Time

2: Mapping the Neighborhood: Creating Maps to Generate Story Ideas

3: My Obituary: The Story of Your Life

4: Double, Double, Toil & Trouble: Writing Recipes for Magic Potions

5: My Principal is an Alien: Writing for the Tabloids

6: You’re Hired! LinkedIn Profiles for Fictional Characters

7: Snow White & the 7 Genres: Rewriting Disney Classics

8: The Choice is Yours: Writing an Adventure as a Class

9: Nuts and Bolts: Writing an Instruction Manual

10: The Watermelons of Despair: Rewriting Classic Titles

11: My Ideal Bookshelf: Illustrating Your Favorite Stack of Books

12: Love Letters From the Undead: Writing Letters From Fictional Characters

13: Harold in the Matrix: Unreliable Narrators in Picture Books

14: Message in a Bottle: Writing Letters to Your Future Self

15: What the Candlestick Saw: Writing From the POV of Inanimate Objects

16: Story Maps: Creating Maps to Visualize Stories

17: The Great American Road Trip: Writing About Travel on the Road

How to Use These Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans are designed to be used in two ways. You can either use them as individual one-off lessons to liven up your writing curriculum. Or you can use them to build upon specific writing units.

For example, creative writing units can benefit from our lessons on point of view, unreliable narrators, and creating LinkedIn profiles for fictional characters.

However, you could use our Who’s the GOAT? and Great American Road Trip lessons as stand alone lessons that are fun and engaging but don’t necessarily connect to a wider unit.

What Grade Level Are These Lessons Appropriate For?

We design our lesson plans to be utilized by a wide range of educators. These writing lessons are not grade-specific, and they can be adapted for students from 5th grade up through 12th grade.

Depending upon the specific needs and ability levels of your students, they can be expanded or contracted. Want your students to dive more deeply into POV? Have them write longer pieces or produce multiple pieces from different points of view. Want them to focus on just the basics of their obituary? Assign two paragraphs instead of multiple pages.

We believe teachers deserve lesson plans that provide a clear path but that leave plenty of room for educators to adapt and adjust for their own purposes.

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